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One week to go to the book launch, and the preps for the events continue, as well as my DIY course in wordpress. My talk at the museum will start with a very short, and rapid biography of the engineer. Here are my notes….One paragaph that answers the question: Who was William West of Tredenham?


Born 1801 at Dolcoath Mine, had a poor childhood and even poorer education. Had to go to work at a young age, and after trying unsuccessfully several jobs became recognised has having a natural engineering skill and found work in a fitting shop. From there his skills enabled him to advance rapidly and he worked for the most gifted Cornish engineer of the day, where he learnt much about achieving high performances from Cornish Beam Engines. He built a record breaking engine at Fowey Consols, introduced Cornish engines to London waterworks, produced several inventions and innovations and became very rich. His business empire expanded to include a foundry’s, mines, banks, quarries and a railway. William West died in 1879.

The Book Launch is at Liskeard. 13th September 2014
The launch starts at Liskeard Museum

And then moves down to the Book shop at Liskeard

The Last Great Cornish Engineer: William West of Tredenham

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