Phoenix United-A picture explored

Just had a great day up at Kelly Mine on the edge of Dartmoor. What an amazing little site to visit, such an inspiration on how to preserve industrial history. Thanks guys for a great visit. If you are in the area for one of their open days then it is well worth a visit.

Watching a set of stamps working away was a highlight, the hypnotic beat of their heads crushing the shiney ore echoed through the shed.  It gave a hint to the racket the huge banks of stamps must have made on a large Cornish tin mine, an there we have a link into the next post about William West-The photograph of Phoenix United.

Phoenix United Mine

Phoenix United Mine shortly after closue

This photograph is reproduced in higher resolution on page 124 and 125 of The Last Great Cornish Engineer. The view it portrays looks more in place amongst the huge mines of the Camborne/Redruth area, not the open moorland of Bodmin Moor.

Phoenix United Mine near Minions, on Bodmin Moor, always had close associations with William West. He started off as its engineer and then became its owner. So this is a view packed with West’s work.

From left to right the engines shown are:
  West Phoenix Stamps-26 inch
  Crushing Engine-15 inch
  Phoenix stamps-32 inch driving 96 heads of stamps
  Seccombes Whim engine-28 inch
  Seccombes Pumping engine-60 inch
  Sump shaft Whim-28 inch
  West’s Whim-20 inch, horizontal engine


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