The Wheal Mary Ann Mine Silver Plate at Liskeard Museum

Its amazing how history never stops being told. I have just come away from the Liskeard Museum with a USB stick of images of a fascinating document that has been recently donated to their collection. Within these images there may be lying undiscovered gems of information about William West’s engines. With luck, I will have time to find some of these before Saturday’s launch.

Meanwhile here is one of the reasons I went to the Museum in the first place, a transcript of the inscription on Silver plate the Museum has hung on the wall.

Peter Clymo Esq
By the adventures in Wheal Mary Ann Mine
As a testimony of their respect and esteem
And in appreciation of his
Able management of the adventure
From its commencement to
The present time
Menheniot Sep13th 1859

The Clymos were closely associated with William West and he was their engineer at Wheal Mary Ann.
See page 78 of The Last Great Engineer.


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