Liskeard’s Lloyds Bank and William West

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The next pause on my William West bimble down the Parade at Liskeard will be the impressive frontage of LLoyds Bank. William West’s adventures are normally associated with the massive functionality of Cornish Engine houses. However, this is one of his concerns housed in a far more gentile structure.

The Liskeard Lloyds Bank was originally founded in 1864 as the Liskeard and District Bank. All its original founders had close associations with William West:
William West
P. Clymo- Of South Caradon Mine
J. Treffry-Owner of Fowey Consols
R.Hawke-The South Caradon Mine Barber, who became. rich on mine share dealing.
W. Polkingorne- West’s Son in law.

Henry Rice designed the building, which George Vaughan Ellis describes as:

This Classically designed building is almost an architectural dictionary! At the base , is perfectly proportioned and crafted plinth. The pink toned porphritic stone used for the main elevation comes from the Lanlivery area and includes 4 flat piers called pilasters.

Hawke was the first Cornishman of the modern age to be cremated, his ashes lay beneath a Rice designed monument of Westbourne House in Liskeard.

Page 110 of The last Great Cornish Engineer gives more information about the bank.
Some photographs of Henry Rice’s work can be seen on Carlton Crouche’s website.

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