Where have all the engineers gone?

image The week that the ”Last Great Cornish Engineer’ was launched, was also the week that the news leaked out that there is a ship tied up alongside in Cornwall due to the lack of engineers. Ironic. 

A shortage of engineers is confining some Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) ships to port, the BBC understands.

BBC South West has been told Royal RFA Mounts Bay and RFA Fort Rosalie are effectively stuck in Falmouth, Cornwall, and Birkenhead, Merseyside, because of a lack of such crew members.

Defence and sailing experts said budget cuts and other job opportunities may be causing the situation.

See the BBC website.

Nothing is said though abut the government’s education policy. We have a system that churns out huge quantitys of artists, graphic designers, film critics……and no engineers (or navigators). So we are a country that can write about the sea, paint pictures about the sea, make short films about the sea,produce designs  ‘influenced’ by the sea-but we do not have enough skills to send our own ships to sea!


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