West’s Hydraulic Accumulator-A drawing

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Here is the last of the series of West’s engineering drawings. After this post I will start working on the next talk, up at Pensilva-so the blog will be slanting towards the mines in the Caradon area.


This is he device described on page 91 of The Last Great Cornish Engineer.  Its purpose is to transform steam power to hydraulic power, and thereby allowing its easy transmission around the underground workings of a mine.

The accumultor consists simply of a strong cast iron cylinder fitted with a ram, from the cross heads of which weight boxes are suspended, loaded necessary, so as to give pressure of one thousand pounds per inch.

Wlliam West used this invention at Phoenix United Mine to gain access to parts of the lode, without the expense of sinking new shafts.

I have just discovered another one of those gems of small independent Book Shops, stocking the new book. Pop in to the Wadbridge Bookshop if you are in the area and check out their local history section.

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