Pensilva History Group talk-29th September


The new book is a great excuse to get out and about, wandering around, meeting different groups. The next one on the calander is at Pensilva, up amongst some of West’s mines.

Click here to visit the Pensilva History Group’s fascinating website, with all sorts of gems of information about the area. Amongst the bits and pieces of information is a nice potted history of Pensilva; a village which was brought into existence by the success of South Caradon and Phoenix United mines. 

The settlement at that time was called Bodminland. It was located on Silva Downs and when given the Cornish prefix ‘pen’, meaning ‘head’ or ‘higher side’ became Pensilva. It remained Bodminland until the late 1800s when the name was changed.
From the Pensilva History Group Website

The talk Details

William West and the Mines around Caradon Hill
On Monday 29th September 2014 at 8:00 PM
Millenium House, Pensilva

An illustrated talk by John Manley of the Trevithick Society about William West the renowned mining engineer who had a great influence on mining in Cornwall in the 19th century. John has recently had a book published on the life of William West.

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