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Time to start preparing for my talk at Pensilva. The theme of the talk will be linking the mines around Caradon Hill with the William West story. So, my challenge will be-to find interesting facts about as many of the mines as I can to illustrate West’s life. First problem to resolve- what mines did he work at, and where are they?

The Gazetteer in ‘The last Great Cornish Engineer‘ does not contain any National Grid References. Researching all the mines’s accurate locations was a task outside of the time scale of the book. However, I will make a start here in filling in those gaps. Here is a list of William West’s mines in the Caradon Hill area. It has been compiled using information from my previous book ‘The History and Progress of Mining in the Liskeard and Caradon District‘ (Webb and Geach). The dates shown are those given in the ‘Last Great Engineer‘ for West’s period of involvement in each mine,

Mines in the Caradon Mining area where William West was an engineer, or provided machinery.

Caradon Consols 1840-1845 SX255 697
Webb and Geach page 53

Caradon Copper Mine 1840 SX268 687
Webb and Geach page 102

Caradon Mine 1846-1850

Caradon Vale 1862 SX295 710
Webb and Geach page 55

Cornwall Great United Mines 1836-1837 various locations

East Caradon Mine 1850-1855, 1862 SX276 702
Webb and Geach page 26

East Wheal Phoenix 1850-1855 SX274 722
Webb and Geach page 60

Liskeard Consols 1840-1845 SX248 668
Webb and Geach page 99

Marke Valley 1840-1845,1850-1855,1865 SX280 716
Webb and Geach page 35

Phoenix United 1846 to death SX265 721
Webb and Geach page 39

South Caradon Mine 1840-1850 SX267 700
Webb and Geach page 44

South Wheal Phoenix 1850-1855 SX260 715
Webb and Geach page 86

West Caradon Mine 1840-1845 SX263 703
Webb and Geach page 48

West Sharp Tor 1850-1855 SX265 732
Webb and Geach page 93

Wheal Gill 1836-1850 SX295 678
Webb and Geach page 65

Wheal Norris 1844-1846 SX245 698
Webb and Geach page 95

Wheal St. Cleer 1840-1845 SX255 686
Webb and Geach page 98


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