West’s Caradon Mines-Caradon Vale.

I have had a bit of pause in the preparation for the Pensilva talk, whilst putting together the latest East Cornwall Trevithick Society program.  Quite a mix of talks and walks..pop across to my Trevithick Society blog for the latest version of the program.
Now back to the William West Caradon Mines research.  

By the 1860s  West’s name had become associated with high quality machinery, and was often used in mine agent’s reports attempting to ‘fluff up’ the prospects of their mines. Here is an such an example of a purser’s report.

Caradon Vale Consols
1st December 1862

I beg to inform you that the new 45 in. Cylinder pumping-engine was put to work at Caradon Vale Mine on Tuesday last.

The engine, by West and Sons, is a very superior piece of machinery, and has given great satisfaction.

The flat-rod to be attached to the engine will also be set to work in about a fortnight; and as soon as the water is pumped from the shafts, the underground works will be carried on with vigour,-and from which the most favourable results may be expected.
Fred R.A Fricker,Purser.

Webb and Geach page 121


Caradon Vale was formed in 1862 out of Wheal Sedley, Cargibbett and Ashlake Mines. Caradon Vale’s location placed it on possible an extension of the rich East Caradon lodes. The mine was short lived, becoming idle by 1864 and put up for sale in 1865.

Webb and Geach’s book is called ‘History and Progress of Mining in the Liskeard and Caradon District’. Published in 1863, it describes the mines in the Caradon, Meneheniot, St. Neot and Herodsfoot areas. The Trevithick Society have republished Webb and Geach in paperback and it is avaiable from Amazon on the link below, or from the Liskeard Bookshop.

I am currently re formatting and editing my CD-ROM version of Symons’s excellent map in an ebook (initially Kindle) format. Watch this blog for progress on that project.

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