South Caradon Mine in the snow

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What an great opportunity,  blue sky, snow South Caradon Mine and a digital camera in the rucksack. 

It was just the perfect amount of snow to bring the detail of this amazing Cornish landscape to life. Every little feature highlighted by the deep contrast. The panorama above is taken from Pearce’s shaft looking across the Seaton Valley towards West Caradon Mine, and Craddock Moor Mine.


These buildings are at sump shaft; the site of William West’s first engines on the mine. These  engine houses are prominent on the skyline in that amazing Victorian photograph reproduced in my two books. West Caradon’s waste tips form the backdrop to this shot.


Pearce’s shaft, from the south. Pearce’s distinctive engine house breaks the skyline on the Victorian photograph, just right of centre.

And finally, Holman’s engine house, its bulk casting Sharp shadows across the untouched snow.


My two books, The Last Great Cornish Engineer and The History and Progress of Mining in the Liskeard and Caradon District can both be bought from the bookshop on the Parade at Liskeard, or if you are not in Cornwall they are available on  Amazon.

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