A summary of the Mines of the Liskeard Mining District Mines in 1863


This is a summary of the mine setts shown on Brenton Symons 1863 Geological map of the Caradon and Ludcott Mining Districts in Southeast Cornwall. The table was originally published the CD-ROM version of the map, but the format was not suitable for the Kindle edition. So here it is as two images.



The details shown are:
Depth: The maximum depth of the mine workings in fathoms (1 fathom=6 feet)
Rock: Granite or killas, where Killas is a general term for metamorphic rock.
Engines: the number of winding, crushing and pumping steam engines.
Status: The status of the mine in 1863.  A Progressive mine is working but not producing ore, a progress in production is a mine producing ore but not yet paying dividends, a dividend mine is one paying dividends to its share holders.

The map showing these mines is available in a Kindle format as part of ‘The Liskeard Mining District in 1863‘.  A contemporary description of the mines is contained within ‘The History and Progress of Mining in the Liskeard and Caradon District’ 1863, By William Webb, Edward Geach. This is available as a paperback published by the Trevithick Society. 

My next post will include the tables of associated mines in the area, that is all the smaller mines that became part of the 1863 setts.

To download a sample of Brenton Symons’s map from my Amazon store or buy a copy of the Webb and Geach Book click here.

If you are in the Liskeard area, then Webb and Geach is available from the Bookshop on the Parade. If you prefer to buy on line, non-Amazon style, then Mike Moore Books will be able to provide a copy.



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