A summary of the Liskeard Mining District Mines in 1863 (part 2)


Here is the second set of tables listing the mines of the Caradon mining district of Cornwall. This list contains the names of mines that were not in existence in 1863, and links them with the mines shown on Brenton Symons’ map of that year.



The ‘sett’ column gives the name of the 1863 sett, as shown on the map,  that the mine was within. Blue rows are pre-1863 mines, green rows are post 1863,  and grey rows contain alternative names. For the 1863 listing see the previous post.

To download a sample of Brenton Symons’s map from my Amazon store or buy a copy of the Webb and Geach Book click here. If you are in the Liskeard area, then Webb and Geach is available from the Bookshop on the Parade.

An extract from the 1863 Map

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