Phoenix United in 2015 according to the Ordnance Survey

This set of maps from the Ordnance Survey show Phoenix United Mine in 2015. The maps are screen captures from the fascinating OS website, and have been reproduced within the terms of their open copyright

Click here to explore their site.

The first extract shows the count house with a shaft immediately to the north. Either side of the track are the remains of the stamps.


The second map is to the west of the count house, and clearly shows the tramway incline up to the West Phoenix section. Remains of West’s Shaft winding engine and Hamilton’s Shaft pumping engine are marked in the bottom part of the extract.


This map shows the valley bordering the sett to the north. The grid type structures are remains of a slime processing works. The long thin structure in the northeast corner is the water wheel casing.


The final map covers the head of West Phoenix incline, with its associated shafts.


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