Phoenix United- Where are the remains?

When Phoenix United closed most of its structures were demolished. However, amongst the undergrowth and rubble some remains exist. This post gives the grid references of the some of these remains as given by the Cornish Archaeological Unit in their 1993 report on the Minions area.


Note: All abandoned mine sites in Cornwall, by their nature, can contain hazards to those straying beyond the public rights of way. This blog is intended as a guide to those exploring the Maps of the Caradon mines, and not as a guide to those visiting the site. For those wishing to visit the mine I recommend the ‘Exploring Cornish Mines’ series of books by Kenneth Brown and Bob Acton.

Engine Houses
Sump Shaft whim SX2668 7218
Pumping Engine Seccombes SX2685 7221
Seccombes Whim SX2681 7230
West’s Whim SX 26514 72152
Stamp engine SX26670 72322
Crusher/pulveriser SX26620 72334
West Phoenix Stamps SX26560 72307
Possible Crusher SX26548 72372
Hamilton’s shaft pumping SX26330 72129

Water Wheel SX26799 72720

SX2675 7211
SX2671 7214
SX2675 7211
SX2674 7225
SX2661 7230
SX 2645 7210
SX 2647 7240
SC2649 7241
SX2651 7230

Sump Winding SX2678 72201
Sump Pumping SX 26676 72231
Open shaft SX 26684 72179
Seccombe’s Sx26828 72230
SX 26820 72268
Juliana’s SX26595 72212
West’s SX26514 72209
Tom SX 26494 72115
Mary or Harriet’s SX26448 72142
Hamilton’s SX26326 72138
Adit shaft SX 26286 72165
Adit shaft SX26268 72122
Hard SX 2218 72132
Redurrow SX26187 72316
Stowes SX26050 72146
SX 26466 72253
SX26465 72282
Sx 26460 72313
Sx 26469 72362

Clanacombe SX26464 72383
Stowe’s Deep Sx26438 72485
Stowe’s shallow SX26250 72182

Processing floors
Large stone buildings SX 26540 72406, SX26600 72372

Offices and other structures
Count house SX 26650 72147
Smithy SX 26718 72152

Stowes Mine
New engine shaft SX2596 7214
Stowe’s shaft SX265 7215
Cottage SX 2407 7214

Reference: Minions, An archaeological survey of the Caradon Mining Dsitrict, By Adam Sharp, Published by the Cornwall Archaeological Unit, 1993.

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