Phoenix United as shown on Brenton Symons’ 1863 Map

Brenton Symons’ 1863 Map

These extracts are from Brenton Symons’ 1863  Geological map of the Liskeard Mining District. Extracts complete with stains and cracks.


The first map shows the Phoenix United Sett, a square Sett (yellow tint=border) crossed by a single lode (lode=red Line). Running in a north easterly direction is the Great Cross-course ( cross course=grey line). The wavy grey shaded line represents the junction between the Bodmin Moor granite ( to the west) and Killas (metamorphised clay/slate).


The second map is a close up of the Clanacombe Mine section of Phoenix United. It depicts the site prior to the massive changes implemented by WillIam West as part of his transformation of the mine from a copper to tin producer.

The Phoenix tramway is shown running up from the southwest corner into the yard area. The extensive workings on the back of the lode are shown, and several shafts indicated. The ‘250’ denoted that the mine was 250 fathoms deep. A dotted line entering the extract from the northeast represents the course of flat-rods used to power the pump at Sump shaft from the large water wheel in the valley bottom.


The final map shows the western part of the mine, which includes the  old Stow(Stowes) mine. As the lode crosses the cross-course fault it is heaved to the south, a dislocation  clearly shown. 

The Cheeswring granite Quarry is named near the western border of the set with a branch of the Liskeard and Caradon railway serving it from the south.

For more extracts from this map see ‘The Liskeard Mining Area in 1863′.


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