John Taylor’s mines -A quick list

Here is a list of mine’s extracted from Roger Burt’s biography of John Taylor. It’s a ‘quick and dirty’  attempt to summarise Taylor’s mining interests, so I am sure its not complete, and not fully verified. I have posted however, as it is a useful reference and shows the scale of his activity. If you have any more mines to add, please comment to the post .


The West Devon Mines
Wheal Friendship,

The Cornish Mines
East Crinnis
United Mines
Wheal Spavner
Wheel Busy
Wheal Grenville
Wheal Buller
Wheal Sparnon
Wheal Beauchamp
Wheal Busy
United Hills
Polberro consols 1848

Rest of Britain
Halkyn mountain Flintshire.
Ecton copper mine 
Grassington Moor
Alston Moor
Lisburne mid Wales
Frongoch mine
Logaulas – Lisburne mine
Glogfach-Lisburne mine
Glogfawr-Lisburne mine
Goginan Mines mid Wales,
Darren mones
Cwmsymlog mines
Cwymystwyth mine 1848
Alport Mining Company
Longstone Edge
Magpie Mine
Coniston copper mine

Beyond Britain
British Real design Monte Company
Real del Monte silver mines.
Balanos mining company, Mexico.
Nouveau Mond
Linares Lead Mining Company

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