Webb and Geach explored-St. Cleer Consols

Now that the two talks on William West and John Taylor have been and gone, this blog will go exploring. Using Webb and Geach’s book ‘The history and progress of mining in the Liskeard and Caradon District’ as a base it will wander around the internet looking for clues for lost Cornish mines. This is the first of the series, so it is a bit of an experiment in layout and sources, please enjoy exploring the Cornish mines, wherever you are.

I have resisted the temptation to start at the obvious, the well known successful mines, and instead gone for the most obscure. Hidden away in page 98 of the Trevithick Society’s reprint of the Victorian publication  is some short descriptions of the small, failed attempts at mining in the district. Under the heading of ‘Miscellaneous’, these four pages refer to some of the most interesting mines in the area.

” Some mines of very great promises were abandoned through want of further outlay, which the then shareholders were unwilling to expend. In others the adventurers, not finding courses of ore at a comparatively shallow depth became disheartened” Webb and Geach

Saint Cleer Consols

“…..a short cross-cut adit appears to have been driven on a lode of no great promise.” Webb and Geach page 98

Ordnance Survey Cornwall XXVIII.SW (includes: St Cleer.)
Surveyed: 1881 to 1882 Published: 1886

St Cleer Consols OS
Reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland

One possible shaft is shown close west of the lane.

Click here for the Map on Library of Scotland website>

Current OS map

St Cleer Consols 2016To see the location  current OS Maps Click here>



Google maps

Click here to explore the map>

St CleerGoogle2016

Google Street View


Image capture May 2009 CO 2016 Google earth

Cornwall Council

Cornwall Council interactive map

St Cleer Consols Cornwall Council 2016

PRN (CORNWALL) : 14071
EPOCH : Post-Medieval
X COORD : 225500
Y COORD : 68950


British Geological Survey

Geological Map>

St Cleer Geology 338

Open Government Licence, Contains British Geological Survey materials © NERC 2016

More mines to come over the next few months, so if you have enjoyed this armchair exploring follow this blog.

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