Webb & Geach Explored-Wheal Venland

This virtual journey of exploration based on Webb and Geach’s book ‘The history and progress of mining in the Liskeard and Caradon District’ ,  continues with another of the small mines described on page 98 of the Trevithick Society’s reprint of the Victorian publication.


Wheal Venland

” …..Up went the shares, which were sold for fabulous amount, as also were the unfortunate purchasers, who soon found that the ore was cut out without leaving a trace of its existence.” Webb & Geach

Ordnance Survey Cornwall XXVIII.SW (includes: St Cleer.)
Surveyed: 1881 to 1882 Published: 1886

Wheal Venland Os 1886
Reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland

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Current OS map

Venland OS 2016To see the location  current OS Maps Click here>





Google maps

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Venland Google 2016

Google Street View

Cornwall Council

Cornwall Council interactive map

Reference : MCO38682
Name : WHEAL VENLAND – Post Medieval mine
Monument type : MINEVenland Cornwall Map Cau
Period : Post Medieval

X COORD : 225450
Y COORD : 68100

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