Webb and Geach explored-Wheal St. Cleer

Page 99 of Trevithick Society’s reprint of Webb and Geach’s book ‘The history and progress of mining in the Liskeard and Caradon District’ ,  is the starting point for this post, a virtual exploration of  Wheal St. Cleer.; an unsuccessful mine near Commommoor, on Bodmin Moor. 

“The former lode was worked for a long time since and an engine erected; it had received however, a very inadequate trial at the time of its suspension. With an outlay sufficient to carry the mine to a proper depth, probably a good result would follow, as there is no lode in the district that is better defined at the surface” Webb and Geach


Ordnance Survey

Cornwall XXVIII.SW  Surveyed: 1881 to 1882 Published: 1886


Produced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland

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Cornwall Council

Cornwall Council interactive map

Reference : MCO13138WhealStCleerCAUMap
Name : WHEAL ST CLEER – Post Medieval mine
Monument type : MINE
Period : Post Medieval
Summary : The remains of a shaft and spoilheap are visible on air photos


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