Webb and Geach Explored-Wheal Venton

There has been a bit of a pause in these posts whilst I have been tying up some loose ends with some work across on my other blog- NAVREGS.  I have just published a new book in my Really Handy text book range, and have been beavering away on some posts on ship certification. But now there is a chance to resume the series on Liskeard mines.  This is another small mine in the Meneheniot area, and this one is on page 99 of Webb and Geach.

“This, as well as Butterdon Mine is situated in the killas lead bearing district. There is only one lead lode discovered here. A 50-inch engine was erected, and some tons of silver-lead returned from a shallow level (the 40), but after some years’ trial the mine was suspended. ..” Webb and Geach


Ordnance Survey

Cornwall XXXVI.NE (includes: Menheniot; Quethiock; St Ive.) Surveyed: 1882 Published: 1888

Produced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland

Click  here for the map on the Library’s excellent website>

Ordnance Survey 2016


To view the current map on the OS website click here>

Google Mapsventongoogle2016

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Cornwall Council


PRN (CORNWALL) : 42636
EPOCH : Post-Medieval

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Brenton Symons’ 1863 Map

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This map clearly shows the mine in a different position than on the Cornwall interactive map. That map places Wheal Venton on the line of Butterdon mine’s adit air shafts.


For Webb and Geach and other John Manley’s books-click here>




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