Webb and Geach Explored-North Wrey and Julia

wreandjuliasymonsThis post looks at another of the small unsuccessful mines described within the pages of   Webb and Geach.

That book refers to the mine as ‘ North Wrey and Julia, but Brenton Symons’ 1863 map has the shorter ‘Wrey and Julia’  label.

“This small mine was worked some time since by a portable engine, to try a north and south lead lode……” Webb and Geach page 100

Ordnance Survey 1883

Cornwall XXVIII.SE (includes: St Cleer; St Ive.)
Surveyed: 1882 Published: 1883

No evidence of an y workings shown in the location indicated by Symons apart from a possible disturbance (Shaft?) on the north face of the short NE’ly running field boundary wall. ‘Trebeigh Mine’ is shown close west of the site however.


Courtesy of the National Library of Scotland.

Click here to view the full map>

Ordnance Survey 2016

No evidence can be seen on the OS 2016 mapwreandjuliaos2016

Click here to view the map on the OS website>

Google Maps 2016

Again, nwreyandJuliaGoogle2016.JPGo clues to be seen on the Google maps satellite view.

Click here to explore the map>




Cornwall Council interactive map

Thwreyjuliacauis shows a small earth work close south of the mine site.

Click here for the map>







For Webb and Geach and other John Manley’s books-click here>wpid-wp-1438632680446.png

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