Samuel Grose- A great source of family history


Samuel Grose –The most scientific Cornish Engineer

Here is a great resource for researching the history of Samuel Grose:

The Adventurous Ancestors Blog.

A blow well worth following if you wish to learn more about Samuel Grose.

Why is the engineer forgotten in Somerset?

It is a shame that other sources outside of Cornwall fail to recognise the importance of Samuel Grose. So far I have failed to find any reference to him on websites covering the his birth place Nether Stowey.

All sorts of other past residents are listed, but this important engineer appears forgotten. This seems to repeat the pattern found at Norwich, where John Taylor is ignored. Why does this country chose to ignore its engineers ( unless they are called Brunel), whilst reveling in its poets, artists and  priests.  Perhaps I explains why we are struggling in so many sectors, in 21st century UK due to the lack of technical skills.


One thought on “Samuel Grose- A great source of family history

  1. Thank you so much for posting about my blog. You raise a great point about ‘forgotten residents’. As well as communities forgetting about these people, most of their descendants do not know their stories either. I decided to start a blog after researching the Grose (and other) family trees . As a first cousin (7 times removed!) of Samuel Grose jnr, it is one thing gathering a list of dates & data, but more exciting looking at the wider context of why people might have been in particular places at different times. Your blog is helping me enormously in understanding the bigger picture of what all these mining captains and engineers were up to!


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