Kitto’s Shaft Winding engine

An elusive engine house site at South Caradon Mine

The site of Kitto's Shaft Winding engine

Only a short South Caradon Post this time, a short post because there is so little to see of this engine house.

This is last of the trio of engine houses at Kitto’s Shaft; and it is one easily missed when visiting the site. Kitto’s whim was located to the south of the more visible man engine remains. All that can be found there are are some grassed mounds and undulations. This engine has left even less remains than the piles of rubble that identify Jope’s Whim.

The whim was a 22″ beam engine which was sold when the man engine was installed at the shaft. Wheal Strawberry (St. Austell District) bought the engine in 1886.


The lack of remains is probably the result of its house being demolished to provide stone for the man engine house.


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