Rule’s Shaft winding engine

Remains of a whim at South Caradon Mine

Rule's Shaft winding engine loadings

One of the most interesting, but least visually prominent of the South Caradon engine houses.

It housed a horizontal 22″ (or 24″) single cylinder engine, a type pioneered in Cornwall by William West.

Rule's Shaft winding engine loadings

The building has been demolished and stone robbed but its outline can still be identified.  A deep hollow to the east identifies the location of its boiler house. The chimney still stands behind the boiler house.

The prominent blocks of masonry are the granite loading for the winding gear. It does not however appear to line up with the shaft. The Brenton Symons map shows the engine as WE to the north of what is marked as “New Shaft”.

Click here for a map of the Holman’s/Rule’s engine house complex>

Brown and Acton state that the engine powered two drums fitted with clutches enabling both Rule’s and Holman’s shafts to be wound. The rubble to the right marks the site of the engine house

William West

wpid-screenshot_2015-08-21-17-43-45.png To learn more about William West read the Trevithick Society’s paperbook  “The Last Great Cornish Engineer“.

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