A brief pause from geology-The Really Handy Guide to the ISM Code is finished


This blog normally is based on my writings on Maps, Mines, Engineers and Cornwall. But, hidden away in another part of the WordPress world is my blog on my other stream of writing, the sea.

Those books are written for seafarers studying for their ‘tickets’. They are study aids written to provide an affordable book alternative to the many excellent, but hugely expensive text books produced by the main publishers.

So, in the obscure off-chance that you love pouring over old maps, poking around mine remains, peering down dark Cornish holes and yet also earn your living by driving ships around the world here is a plug for my latest Kindle publication. A Really Handy Guide to the ISM code- A revision guide for mariners. 

If you do not have a clue what on earth the ISM code is about, then the book will not be for you. If that is the case , then perhaps you can justify opening this post by trying to spot the surfing dolphins in the cover picture.

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