Westminster Parties Are Imposing Unsustainable Housing Targets In Cornwall (NPPF)

The comments on housing policy in Cornwall made by MK seem to make a lot of sense, and reflect the situation we see around us; Green field after Green field being swamped by 4 and 5 bedroom houses. Are any of the other parties raising such an issue, or is MK a lone voice?


The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) was introduced by the Westminster parties in March 2012 to help speed up house-building.

There is no doubt that Cornwall needs to build more housing to accommodate local population growth, but the housing must be affordabe and ‘affordable’ meaning at a price local wage packets in Cornwall can afford. (Westminster has unilaterally reduced the threshold for affordable housing.)

Housing figures to accommodate that growth, assuming the local population growth continued at the same rate over the next 20 years, was assumed to be around 33,000. That still represented a large amount of growth, but it was claimed a lower figure would have been harder to justify to the Planning Inspector.  Cornwall Council developed a ‘Local Plan’ that had a housing figure of 47,500 houses to be built in Cornwall, the council saying anything less and Westminster will impose a higher figure.

Policies imposed…

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