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Navsbooks is the blog and website of the author and publisher John Manley, who produces books on maps, navigation and Cornish history. The site is based on the observation that non-fiction books are never complete; they are only a the starting point for more discoveries. Navsbooks website site will therefore continue the stories by filling gaps, expand, and update his publications. Enjoy the journey.

John Manley is a Cornish Author and local historian, who has a passion for bringing Victorian publications back to life. His work has included transforming old maps and books into modern formats, and exploring the fascinating stories that lay behind them.

John Manley’s Publications

For those passing through Cornwall, then pop into the Liskeard Bookshop, King EdwardBookshopLiskeard Mine or Geevor Mine to buy a copy of my books. To buy the books on line, or download the kindle publications then visit my Amazon book store.



A really Handy Book to learn the Collision Regulations (kindle)
When Ships meet (kindle)
Shapes and a bit More (Kindle)
Rule 19 and a bit more (Kindle)
A Really Handy Guide to the ISM Code: A revision guide for mariners (Kindle)


The Liskeard Mining district in 1863 (Kindle)
The History and Progress of Mining in the Liskeard and Caradon District-(Webb and Geach)wpid-westcover.jpg
The Last Great Cornish Engineer(Paperback)
Sketch of the life of William West C.E. of Tredenham-The last of the great Cornish Engineers (Kindle)
On the Economy of the Mines of Cornwall and Devon 1814 (Annotated): The Cornish System described (Kindle)


A quick introduction
Two completely separate subject areas feature in my writing, navigation at sea and Cornish industrial history. However, both topic areas have a common inspiration in my past, a splendid piece of cartography, the ordnance survey one inch map of Dartmoor National Park. This short lived experiment in design brought to life the landscape of Dartmoor through a rich combination of colour, contours and shading that was pure inspiration to explore more.

And explore I did. I taught myself to navigate around its mist laden Tors, and navigation became my profession, a profession that led to the Really Handy Range of text books for Kindle. I also explored the mysterious features to be found within the detail of the map; the rich industrial archaeological heritage that filled the valleys of Dartmoor. This exploration led to a fascination with industrial history, and mines in particular. Living west of the Tamar my interests migrated rapidly towards the amazing story of Cornish Mining in the Victorian era. So much to learn, so much to explore. History is never simple. 

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