John Taylor, mining genius- An index of posts

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Now that the Trevithick Society talk is over, it is a chance to pull together the various posts used during its preparation in a list. So if you have a desire to find out more about this 19th century mining genius- here is a few ideas. john_taylor_civil_engineer.jpg

Ten facts about John Taylor

John Taylor- Key Dates

John Taylor- The forgotten hero of Norwich

Wheal Friendship the mine that made John Taylor 

John Taylor and the Tavistock Mines

John Taylor and the Halkyn MinesBeam

The Copper crusher-John Taylor’s most important invention

The Cornish system beyond the Tamar

JoUnitedShaftPanhn Taylor and the Consolidated Mine

John Taylor a quick mine list

Cornish Engines Consolidated, Taylor and Woolf

Taylor’s Railway- The Redruth and Chacewater

On the economy of mines in Cornwall and

Lean’s reporter-John Taylor and some layers of history


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