John Taylor, mining genius- An index of posts

Now that the Trevithick Society talk is over, it is a chance to pull together the various posts used during its preparation in a list. So if you have a desire to find out more about this 19th century mining genius- here is a few ideas. john_taylor_civil_engineer.jpg

Ten facts about John Taylor

John Taylor- Key Dates

John Taylor- The forgotten hero of Norwich

Wheal Friendship the mine that made John Taylor 

The Tavistock Canal John Taylor’s enduring memorial

John Taylor and the Tavistock Mines

John Taylor and the Halkyn MinesBeam

The Copper crusher-John Taylor’s most important invention

The Cornish system beyond the Tamar

JoUnitedShaftPanhn Taylor and the Consolidated Mine

John Taylor a quick mine list

Cornish Engines Consolidated, Taylor and Woolf

Taylor’s Railway- The Redruth and Chacewater

On the economy of mines in Cornwall and

Lean’s reporter-John Taylor and some layers of history

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