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Cornish myths and tales for Children

Books by Cheryl Manley

Alongside my book on Cornish industrial history is a growing series of books that takes the myths and legends behind the landscape and transforms them into enchanting stories for young children. They are in a style that young children will love, with illustrations that young children will adore.

The Mermaid of Seaton

Book cover of the Mermaid of Seaton

A mermaid, a fisherman and a vengeful sea. This is a tale from South East Cornwall that all children who love mermaids will read over and over again.

The Mermaid of Seaton: A Cornish Folk Tale on Amazon>

The Legend of Tamara

Cover of The Legend of Tamara

Giants, a troll and a fairy  in a story of love and loss set on the wild moorland of Dartmoor  and the Cornish border. Tavy, Taw and Tamar, are the three characters in this tale,  three rivers whose creation is explained by the legend of Tamara.
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