St. Germans May Tree Fair- is almost here


This weekend coming is the annual excuse to get out into the sunshine with our books, set up the pop-up bookstore, enjoy the music, enjoy the local beer, enjoy the food, and enjoy some traditional Cornish silliness.  It’s the Maytree Fair at St.Germans, time to get the oak leaves ready. It is also an excuse to put the South Caradon Series of posts to one side, and have a look at the traditions surrounding this Cornish event.

May Tree fare procession at St. Germans

Traditions old and new

A long history hides behind this weekend of fun at the East Cornwall Village of St.Germans. It is one of those fascinating mixtures of Traditions historic and modern that peppers the Cornish calendar. So in true blog-post form, here is two lists, one of the old, and one of the new.

Traditions OldMayTreeLeaves

  • The Fair was held at the foot of a large walnut tree
  • Cattle from all over Cornwall was sold at its base each 28th of May
  • A basket swing was hung from its branches after the cattle sale for children to play on
  • On the 28th of May a mock Mayor, after much drinking, was paraded through the village on a hay wain or cart
  • Oak leaves were worn by everyone in the village
  • Anyone not wearing an oak leaf was dunked in the horse trough

Unfortunately the but tree no longer stands, nor do cattle chew cud beneath its branches, but some of the Traditions are still live on in modified form, and some new ones are growing.

May Tree Banner 2018, at the 'Rec'

Traditions New

  • A mock Mayor is still elected
  • The village is decorated with leaves
  • May Tree Dancing, tug of war and other festivities gather the parade together
  • Oak leaves are worn by villagers in the parade
  • The tree is represented by a re-creation that is paraded through the village to end up at the back of the pub
  • The Mayor is paraded from the The ‘Rec’ to the pub, with pause to visit the Priory Church. Musicians accompany the parade playing The May Tree Fair Tune
  • The parade has a Cornish Myth or tale theme
  • Stalls, food, and games are set up at the back of the Eliot Arms (That’s where our Bookstore will be)
  • A music stage is built for live music
  • Water pistols have replaced the trough

But, since it’s restoration the fair has adapted, the fair has changed, the fair’s traditions have changed, and no doubt so this year and next year will evolve again.

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And this year’s theme is-

Dando and his Dogs

After mermaids, giants, and fish, it is time that St.Germans own character to make an appearance, Dando the monk. Dando was not a a pious Monk to be celebrated by the religious, Dando was not a pillar of virtue to follow as a role model, and Dando did not meet an end suitable for any Saint.

His tale is a one of warning against that perils of sin and loose words. It is his tale that is the theme of this year’s fair and it his effigy, along with his dogs  will  lead the parade.

I will tell more of this tale in a later post, so follow along if you are tempted to know more.

The Pop Up BookstoreBook cover of the Mermaid of Seaton

Navsbooks and Kidz Kernow pop up bookstore will be at the fair this year, and will feature the following sections to explore:

New Books

  • Cheryl Manley’s Children’s Books
  • John Manley’s Cornish Industrial History Books
  • A selection of Trevithick Society Publications

Second Hand Books

  • Maritime
  • Railways
  • Travel

Our Books on Amazon

If you cannot make the fair, and your local independent bookshop do not stock ourWebb and Geach Book Cover books, then here are their Amazon Pages.

Cheryl Manley’s Books

John Manley’s Books


Happy St. Piran’s one and all

A brief pause in the preps for the fast approaching talk to wish all this blog’s followers a Happy St. Piran’s, wherever you are.

As St. P’s flag is flown all over Cornwall today, so is poking around beneath its surface underway. Perhaps this time mining may return to the home of hard rock mining, perhaps this time a real industry may be re-born. And maybe, just maybe, real hope of work for the next generation.  We should not be just a land for property developers, empty holiday homes and boarded up seasonal cafes.

Not sure how long that flag will last on An Scaff in this wind though! 

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The St Germans May Tree tune


Here is a link to the St. Germans May Tree tune on youtube, see my last post for the notes themselves.

Will Manley produced this arrangement, after his research into the May Fair event at St. Germans. Makes a great processional tune, great fun for everyone to play as they head down the road. Nice and simple.

I will have copies of the ‘Last Great Engineer at the stall’, along with Webb and Geach, Liskeard Mining in 1863, and an assortment of Trevithick-society books. I will also have some interesting maps to explore over a pint, or pot of tea.