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Happy St. Piran’s one and all

A brief pause in the preps for the fast approaching talk to wish all this blog’s followers a Happy St. Piran’s, wherever you are.

As St. P’s flag is flown all over Cornwall today, so is poking around beneath its surface underway. Perhaps this time mining may return to the home of hard rock mining, perhaps this time a real industry may be re-born. And maybe, just maybe, real hope of work for the next generation.  We should not be just a land for property developers, empty holiday homes and boarded up seasonal cafes.

Not sure how long that flag will last on An Scaff in this wind though! 


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The St Germans May Tree tune


Here is a link to the St. Germans May Tree tune on youtube, see my last post for the notes themselves.

Will Manley produced this arrangement, after his research into the May Fair event at St. Germans. Makes a great processional tune, great fun for everyone to play as they head down the road. Nice and simple.

I will have copies of the ‘Last Great Engineer at the stall’, along with Webb and Geach, Liskeard Mining in 1863, and an assortment of Trevithick-society books. I will also have some interesting maps to explore over a pint, or pot of tea.

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