John Taylor- The Mining genius, a talk at Liskeard, 11th April


John Taylor a Mining Genius

A Trevithick Society presentation on the life and works of John Taylor
Monday 21th April, 2016, 7:30pm at Liskeard public hall

By John Manley (Author of ‘The last Great Cornish Engineer‘)

Non-members welcome

John Taylor dominated the British metal mining industry in its heyday. Taylor was an engineer, mine owner, inventor, scientist and financial genius. He owned some of the biggest mines in Cornwall and Devon, he built a Canal, he built a railway, he influenced scientific development, and much more. His story is interlaced into much of the industrial and economic  history of the country, and it is a story worth keeping alive.

Although he was born far from Cornwall, he played a major role in the Cornish and West Devon mining industry. This is reflected in this months talk; a talk that explores his life through his work in the Tavistock area, and throughout Cornwall.

So come along and enjoy an evening with the Trevithick Society at Liskeard. If you cannot come along to the talk then follow this blog to learn more about John Taylor.



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