When did Phoenix United Mine work?


This is one of a  series of posts about Phoenix United Mine in southeast Cornwall. A mine with a history as rich as its underground wealth.

Phoenix United had the longest history of all the mines in the Caradon Mining District. This longevity was a combination of being blessed with both tin and copper, and William West’s  determination to exploit those reserves.

This combination of minerals resulted in a sandwich of  three periods of working.

Tin- pre-records to the 1840s
Copper-1840s to the 1860s
Tin-1860s to the early 20th Century

Key Dates
1513 The first documented evidence of tin streaming in the area
16th Century : Underground mining in progress on Stowe’s Lode
18th Century: Stowe’s lode being worked by several mines including Stowe’s, Stowe’s End, Clanacombe and Newland.
1824-5 Stowes Sett worked as Wheal Julia.
1836 -1838 Cornwall Great United Mining Association worked the mines in the area for tin
1842 Wheal Phoenix was formed
1843 Clanacombe Mine renamed as Phoenix United
1848 Sales of copper started
1852 A rich copper lode was struck.
1860 Copper showing signs of exhaustion
1863 Brenton Symons’ map of the Liskeard mining area is published
1864-1865 The mine is under the control of William West
1869 Branch of the Liskeard and Caradon Railway built to serve the mine.
1870 Stowes Mine sett added to Wheal Phoenix
1879 William West Dies
1886 West Phoenix Mine added to the Wheal Phoenix, which was then called Phoenix United
1894 Mine in financial trouble
1897 Mine in the hands of a liquidator
1898 The mine closes due to falling tin prices.
1907 Prince of Wales Shaft working starts
1909 The Pumping Engine at the Prince of Wales Shaft is officially started by the Prince of Wales.
1914 Prince of Wales shaft working closes as a failure.
1935 Prince of Wales engine is scrapped

Phoenix United remains and the building of the Prince of Wales Shaft

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