What Steam Engines were at Phoenix United Mine?


Here is a list of steam engines installed at Phoenix United Mine, Compiled from Kenneth Brown/Bob Acton’s Exploring Cornish Mine’s book, and The CAU study on the Minions area. Many of these engines were made at William West’s St. Blazey foundry.

Hamiltons Pumping Engine
A 36″ engine erected 1869-1870.
Some overgrown remains exist.

West’s Whim
A horizontal engine used in the last part of the mine’s life. A good set of remains exist.

West Phoenix Stamps
A 24″ engine driving  64 head of stamps.
A poor set of remains.

Crushing Engine
A 15″ or 20″, the use and size of this engine is not well known.
A poor set of remains.

Wheal Phoenix Stamps
Originally a pair of William West 26″ engines that was replaced with a 32″. It Drove a 96 head of stamps.
A poor set of remains.

Seccombe’s Whim
A 28″ engine
Only the bedstone remains.

Seccombes Pumping Engine
This 60″ engine was main pumping engine on the mine.
Very poor set of remains.

Water Wheel
A 60 ft wheel in the valley bottom.
A splendid set of remains!
Reference: Minions, An archaeological survey of the Caradon Mining Dsitrict, By Adam Sharp, Published by the Cornwall Archaeological Unit, 1993.

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